For over a year, I’ve been getting a massage regularly from Camellia. Her bright, engaging, and warm demeanor make you not only welcome, but is also a harbinger of the kind of attention your body gets from her expert techniques. She is a learner, and as the sessions evolve over the months, I feel her understanding what my body needs and providing it. The essential oils that she holds in her hands for you to breathe in is a highlight of the massage experience. You take in to your body scents that enhance your receptiveness to the experience. The hour of relaxation allows you to get to know yourself again.
— Mary S., Peace Corp Volunteer/Retired Teacher

Camellia is a truly gifted and transformative healer (to call her a massage therapist seems to undersell her attributes!) - truly the best in New York City! She has amazing intuition and instinctively knows where your body needs work and just how much pressure you need, sometimes even when you don’t even know or realize yourself. I’ve suffered from chronic back tension and tightness for years, and I’ve never felt better after seeing Camellia on a regular basis. In addition, she’s thoughtful, considerate and incredibly caring. I feel so lucky having found her and couldn’t recommend her more highly!
— Erica T., Marketing Lead, Google, age 33

I love Cam’s massages so much! She is by far among the best in the country! I really appreciate the thorough, detailed, transcendent experience of Camellia’s bodywork. I usually book 90 minutes and walk out of there so full of nurturance and energy that I am literally be buzzing (in a good way). Also if you love a good scalp massage seek no further. She spends time working out every ounce of tension from those taut head muscles and neck attachments at the base of the skull. It feels amazing! Her head massages plus the aromatherapy is what hooked me in. She also plays really great music; not that cheesy spa stuff.

I’m also a massage therapist and I have the highest of standards when it comes to bodywork. I can say with authority that she really knows her stuff. She is a compassionate listener and really adapts her touch to your needs. She has keen intuition and really can sense the different levels of release that is happening, whether it is on the physical or emotional realm. She’s truly gifted.
— Shannon P., LMT, Acupuncturist

Camellia is by far the best massage therapist I’ve ever been to. She has a calm and friendly presence that lays the foundation for me, as the very grateful receiver, to fully surrender to the massage process. This level of trust and safety has allowed Camellia to access areas of chronic held stress that I had found too difficult to work through with other therapists.

When other reviewers say she “knows what you need” they are speaking the truth. She’s attuned to her patients in a way that is incredibly focused. Her knowledge of human anatomy is beautifully balanced by her ability to touch with compassion- even when using a strong hand or technique. Treat your self to a session- you won’t regret it.
— Kathy C., Meditation Teacher at MNDFL

I have been seeing Camellia for years and still to this day, she blows me away with her knowledge and expertise on the body. I’m a fitness trainer and so super active so her massages are not only necessary but they are incredibly healing. She never fails to “fix” me and help me with my injuries. One of her best qualities is that she actually listens to you and your needs. And focuses her entire session to helping you. Did I mention that she has the strongest hands ever? She is no joke and can reverse any tightness or pain. A true healer is what Camellia is. Love her!
— Julia C., Personal Trainer & Yoga Teacher, Owner of JSC Fitness