“For over a year, I’ve been getting a massage regularly from Camellia. Her bright, engaging, and warm demeanor make you not only welcome, but is also a harbinger of the kind of attention your body gets from her expert techniques. She is a learner, and as the sessions evolve over the months, I feel her understanding what my body needs and providing it. The essential oils that she holds in her hands for you to breathe in is a highlight of the massage experience. You take in to your body scents that enhance your receptiveness to the experience. The hour of relaxation allows you to get to know yourself again.” — Mary S., Peace Corp Volunteer/Retired Teacher, age 69

"I’ve been visiting Camellia for massage therapy for a number of years now and can say honestly that I think she’s more in tune with my body than I am.   I always look forward to seeing her and walking into her adorable, private studio, it’s like world disappears and it’s all about my health, comfort and well-being.  She has incredible skill and deep understanding of the body combined with the most caring and compassionate demeanor. I’ve relied on her to help through particularly stressful times, when facing nagging aches/injuries and as proactive upkeep during marathon training.   She is incredibly consistent yet at the same time, each session is customized to address what’s happening with my body on that particular day.  She uses the most amazing essential oils and everything is of the highest quality.  In addition to her services, Camellia has referred me to many colleagues in the health and wellness field, she’s truly a wonderful resource and an all around lovely person."
Vanessa T.,

“Camellia has healing hands! And she has both a knowledgeable and instinctive way of finding trouble spots and fixing them. And a laughing way of putting people at ease. Definitely recommend, looking forward to returning!” — Leah S., artist/musician, age 38

“Camellia has been my massage therapist for over five years, and I feel extremely lucky to have found her.  If you’ve had a few massages in your day, you can probably tell that some people just have a gift for bodywork.  Camellia is one of those people.  When people ask me what style of massage I like, I have a hard time explaining it other than, Camellia’s style.  She tailors the massages to my specific needs and preferences, and she always seems to know exactly what my body needs.  
Additionally, Camellia is kind, welcoming, and puts you at ease as soon as you arrive to her studio.  She’ll ask you what type of music you’re in the mood for, and she doesn’t play that new-agey “massage” music—unless that’s what you’re into of course.  It’s always mellow and non-distracting, and I’ve even found some new favorite artists during my massages.  Camellia isn’t overly chatty during massages, but always asks if the pressure is right, if there are any areas that need extra attention, and if I’m warm or cool enough.  She fixes things I didn’t even know were wrong. and She is also a great listener, as I can be rather chatty during massages, and perhaps take the “therapy” part of the massage therapy a bit too literally.  
Overall, I have had nothing but excellent experiences with Camellia, as I always leave her studio feeling like a whole new person” — Monika C., attorney, age 30

"I have had massages all over the world, but few have even come close to what Camellia has to offer. She has a way of finding all of those spots that need attention. Using customized combinations of essential oils, soothing music and a heated table, Camellia provides a healing atmosphere that always leaves you in a state of bliss."
Loriann F., yogini/graphics coordinator, age 46

“Camellia’s work is outstanding not only because of her expert techniques, but also because she truly wants me to have the experience I’ve come for that day. I know this because she is present, she listens empathically, and communicates with a caring touch. And to top that all off she thoughtfully chooses essential oils
tailored to my needs and the result is a botanical paradise.” — Jane S., LMT, age 39

“I started going to Camellia Lee for prenatal massage during the second trimester of my first pregnancy.  It was an amazing and scary time for me with so many changes occurring to house my growing baby.  Camellia is a passionate massage therapist which I could tell right from our first session.  She listened to me and my body and used the right oils as well as focused on the areas I needed to relieve to carry me through my pregnancy happily.  I have continued my sessions with Camellia after the birth of my son and always look forward to them.  Massage with Camellia is a gift for the body and soul.” — Emily W., mother & International Education Consultant, age 28

“I went to Camellia for bodywork during two incredibly stressful times in my life. The first was after I had a baby by c-section and the second was after I was diagnosed with cancer. Camellia was always sensitive to my needs and my emotional state. I found her to be incredibly easy to communicate with, gentle, caring, and safe. She was always very professional throughout our times together – even when she was obviously moved by my struggle with illness. Now my child is in school and I am cancer-free, and I will continue to see Camellia as my massage therapist just for fun!” — Rosy R., Psychotherapist

“Camellia is a wonderful massage therapist. I have benefited greatly from her experience & knowledge of the body.  The sessions always ease my  lower back problems & have kept the situation under control. I love her use of essential oils &  find them beneficial.”Gisela, Artist, age 63

“I really can’t say enough good things about Camellia. Her skill as a massage therapist is absolutely excellent. As a professional dancer, I am VERY picky about the bodywork therapists I trust, and Camellia is top-notch. Also, she is a genuine caretaker, and her warm spirit helps make an already healing experience even brighter.” — Erin O., dancer, Doug Varone and Dancers Company, age 34

“I had the very nice experience of receiving a series of reflexology sessions with Camellia. I have a chronic lower back pain condition that sometimes bothers me too much, so I decided to try reflexology. Camellia’s technique helped me a lot to alleviate the muscle soreness in my back. She did it by working certain points on my feet, especially my left one, around its heel, which often tends to feel tight. At the beginning her touch felt just like rain drops on my head. But as the session evolved my feet and the rest of my body felt so light, and when the session was over and I stood up I felt much better overall. That’s why I decided to comeback again to continue with her sessions. Her touch is comforting, compassionate and knowledgeable. I really love having reflexology done by Camellia!” —Luis C., LMT, age 44

“Camellia Lee is a healer.  Despite being slight of frame, she is incredibly strong.  She delivers an incomparable deep tissue massage if you are so inclined.  She took care of me during times of shoulder pain and facilitated my recovery.  I also went to her for pre-natal and post-natal massage.  I have referred many family and friends and we are all in agreement that no one compares to Camellia.  Bravo and thank you, Camellia!”

Michelle K., mother

"Camellia is the BEST.  As a massage therapist myself, I am very selective and often critical about massage therapy. I first met Camellia at a Spa in Soho, where she was one of the most requested therapists on the team.  Her natural healing abilities, skill and genuine compassion make for a truly therapeutic and top-notch experience.  Do yourself a favor and book a session with her now." — Elizabeth M., health coach, lmt, age