Reflexology is based on the philosophy that the entire body (including glands, organs, and systems) is represented on designated zones and points on the bottom of the feet. And when these areas are stimulated it can promote balance and harmony throughout the body.

Reflexology helps alleviate stress in the body whether physical, mental, and/or emotional. Many clients have expressed as having their “internal battery recharged”. Other benefits include: improving circulation, eliminating toxins that stagnate at the feet from gravity, and relaxing the central nervous system, which will induce a deep state of relaxation.

Contraindications to reflexology are open, bleeding, or oozing wounds, sores and ulcers; recent fractures, sprains, and strains in an acute condition, contagious infections like athlete’s foot or plantar’s wort, ingrown toenails, or corns, unexplained edema.

Cautionary methods are considered during pregnancy in the first trimester, avoiding certain reflexes, such as the reproductive and the lower portion of the spine reflex. In general, it is beneficial for pregnant women to help with sore, swollen feet through the pregnancy.

My training was received from the Swedish Institute and certified by the American Reflexology Certification Board (ARCB).