60 minute  - $150
75 minute  - $180
90 minute  - $210

60 minute  - $435
75 minute  - $525
90 minute  - $615

60 minute  - $710
75 minute  - $860
90 minute  - $1010

60 minute  - $1400
75 minute  - $1700
90 minute  - $2000


METHODS OF payment:

While all methods of payment are accepted (credit cards, MC, VISA, American Express), for packages, cash and check are preferred. I also accept Venmo and Paypal. My Venmo handle is @camellialeelmt and Paypal is


Please provide 24 hours notice, otherwise you may be charged for the session.

Exceptions are made in the case of illness or an emergency.

The best method is to contact me via phone at 917-710-5170.


initial session:

If it's your first session with me, please arrive at least 5-10 minutes before to allow for any questions or concerns to be discussed.

In preparation for the session, do not arrive on an empty stomach nor eat too heavily.

Enjoy a full meal at least one to two hours for proper digestion.

Customized music is offered for your pleasure, so please think of a genre of music and/or Pandora station is always available; or if you have your own playlist on your Ipod/Iphone you are welcome to play it.

If you arrive more than 10 minutes late to the session, I may not be able to ensure you the full length of time, so please arrive on time.


Under the NYS law, massage is contraindicated during:

  • high fever, it can exacerbate the condition,
  • unknown cause of pain whether locally or throughout the body is unknown,
  • recent strains or sprains in an acute condition,
  • consumption of heavy alcohol or drug abuse.